Values and principles


The Group’s values and strategic advantages are:


Teaching quality and a management model focused on total quality and the recognition of merit.


Creativity to develop courses that generate real entrepreneurship and employability opportunities.


Respect for students, employees, shareholders, suppliers, and the Group’s assets and principles.


Honesty and truth in all activities and attitudes.


Austerity in the use of the group’s resources.

Respect for cultural heritage and social and environmentalresponsibility

Association of the concepts of globalization with the revival and preservation of national cultural heritage and social and environmental responsibility.


Respect for similarities and differences among people, cultures and ideas.

Business Principles

Focus on student satisfaction;

The amount paid by students must provide the maximum in terms of services and in terms of social, cultural and economic returns;

Constantly recognizing employees and encouraging their personal and professional development;

Profit is essencial to the Gruop's growth and continuity; 

The continuous pursuit of innovation and competitiveness; 

All activities are underpinned by quality and social and environmental responsibility.

Group Companies

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