Unama - Universidade da Amazônia

Founded in 1993, Unama - Universidade da Amazônia joined Ser Educacional Group in November 2014. It has four campuses in the metropolitan regions of Belém and Ananindeua, through which it offers 52 undergraduate courses, 20 graduate courses, four master’s degree courses and one doctoral degree course.




UnG - Universidade Guarulhos   

UnG - Universidade Guarulhos, founded in 1969, became part of Ser Educacional Group in February 2015. UnG is a traditional university with five campuses, three of which in Guarulhos (Dutra, Bonsucesso and Centro), one in the city of São Paulo and another in Itaquaquecetuba in the interior of São Paulo state. 





UNINASSAU - Centro Universitário Maurício de Nassau

In 2012, Faculdade Maurício de Nassau in Recife was accredited as a university center, having complied with all the necessary requirements of the Ministry of Education which certified the institution’s new status through Ordinance 701 and it is now known as UNINASSAU - Centro Universitário Mauricio de Nassau.




Faculdade Maurício de Nassau

Faculdade Maurício de Nassau

Founded in 2003, the Institution of higher level education was born in Recife. It currently maintains units in 16 cities in 11 Brazilian States: Recife and Caruaru (PE); João Pessoa and Campina Grande (PB); Natal (RN); Maceió (AL); Salvador, Lauro de Freitas and Vitória da Conquista (BA); Fortaleza (CE); Aracaju (SE); São Luís (MA); Belém (PA); Manaus (AM); and Teresina and Parnaíba (PI). Maurício de Nassau offers over than 300 courses options at the undergraduate and graduate levels in the areas of Humanities, Health, and the Exact Sciences.



Faculdade Joaquim Nabuco

Faculdade Joaquim Nabuco

This institution was founded by Ser Educacional Group in August 2007 with the opening of a unit in Paulista and moved into Recife in the following year. In 2013, the brand arrived in Janga, also in the city of Paulista. Seven months later, in 2014, Joaquim Nabuco opened yet another unit in São Lourenço da Mata, in the metropolitan region of Recife and, in July of the same year, it expanded  to the city of Olinda. The institution’s units currently offer various undergraduate and graduate courses in several cities.




Faculdades Integradas do Tapajós - FIT

Founded in 1977, Faculdades Integradas do Tapajós – FIT joined Ser Educacional Group in November 2014. The institution comprises one unit in Santarém,  Pará, offering  13 post- secondary  courses.


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