Social Initiatives

Ser Educacional Group invests in social initiatives that benefit underprivileged communities. The flagship of the company’s social responsibility activities is its Community College program which for the past five years, and with the help of Group students, faculty members and managers, has dedicated a whole day to community service, including medical and legal assistance and educational and environmental responsibility activities.  


Given its concern with the creation of anti-corruption mechanisms and the consequent strengthening of citizenship, Ser Educacional Group has joined forces with oversight organizations in order to participate in important projects, including the Corruption Inspectors and the Permanent Anti-Corruption Forum. One of the highlights in this area was the installation of the Impostômetro, a tax measuring device designed to monitor, in real time, the taxes collected by federal, state and municipal governments, including rates, fines, interest and inflationary adjustments. The most recent initiative consists of raising the population’s awareness of organ and tissue donations through an electronic totem. The transplant thermometer shows the number of people on the organ transplant waiting list and encourages donations by means of an interaction with the panel.

Combating  violence

In regard to the initiatives aimed at promoting peace and combating violence, it is particularly worth mentioning the Walk for Peace, organized in partnership with the NGO MovPaz; the People who Make Peace program, whose purpose is to train agents in conflict resolution; the Economic Empowerment of Young Women program, in association with the Nike Foundation; the homicide counter; firearm collection points; and the DNA bank of relatives of political desaparecidos.

Social inclusion

The social situation and the exclusion from the benefits of life in society are permanent concerns of Ser Educacional Group. Through initiatives in which students and employees actively participate, the Group has created social control and participation mechanisms, as well as programs and projects to promote positive transformation. 


In the health area, Ser Educacional Group makes donations to and remodels public hospitals, including the donation of hospital and outpatient clinic supplies and IT materials to upgrade service. 

Group Companies

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