About The Group

The embryo of Ser Educacional was created in 1994 with the foundation of Bureau Jurídico to prepare candidates for competitive public examinations.

Since 2003, the Group has been evolving in a gradual and sustainable manner. Ser Educacional group maintains well-known teaching institutions, aligned with its vision, mission, values and its way of being and doing.

The Group and its institutions are committed, above all, to people and their personal and professional fulfillment. Its commitment to employability and entrepreneurial results from an understanding of its role in the education of individuals, focused on personal growth in the widest possible meaning of the term.


Ser Educacional group: a national project that never loses sight of regional cultures and characteristics.

As a result of its plan for nationwide expansion through organic growth and acquisitions, Ser Educacional group is currently present in 12 Brazilian states, on a consolidated basis of more than 151,000 students.

Thousands of its students graduate each year and enter the job market, contributing to Brazil’s economic development.


In order to achieve this result and comply with its institutional targets, Ser Educacional group has a highly qualified team that has fully adopted the Company’s principles and value propositions.

Group Companies

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